Steve Rajeff

 Steve Rajeff to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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Steve Rajeff with casting trophies
When it comes to delivering long, accurate casts or dropping a fly on a dime, nobody in the world does it better than the G. Loomis Director of Research & Development, Steve Rajeff.  Rajeff has dominated the world of competitive casting for over three decades.  He has no less than 29 national and 13 world All Round Championships on his casting resume. Steve holds the current National single and two hand fly distance records at 238 feet and 295 feet respectively. Steve and his brother Tim were winning teammates in the recent Outdoor Life Network Flyfishing Masters Championship. Steve gives G. Loomis a powerful advantage against the competition with a deep understanding of how fly rods work, because he can make them perform better than any one else in the world. We know of no other athlete who has dominated his sport like Steve Rajeff.
Steve Rajeff with a fly caught steelhead

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