John Hazel

John Hazel to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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John Hazel on the Dean River
John Hazel is one of the pioneers of Spey casting in the Northwest. He has been teaching two handed rod techniques since 1980. Over the last thirty years, John has designed two handed rods for several of the top rod companies including Sage and CF Burkheimer. For the past 10-12 years, John has been leading the shooting head revolution by importing lines from Scandinavia and working with American line manufacturers to develop new styles of shooting heads. He and his wife, Amy, have starred in many Spey casting productions including but not limited to, "Introduction to Spey Casting", "Spey Fishing Steelhead", "Advanced Spey Casting", "The Art of Spey Casting", and "Drift". In over thirty years of guiding fly anglers on the Deschutes; John Hazel has shared his passion for the sport and his love of the Deschutes with thousands of fly fishing enthusiasts from around the world. He lives on the river in Maupin, Oregon where he and Amy operate Deschutes Angler Fly Shop. When John gets a rare vacation from guiding and running the fly shop, he enjoys upland bird hunting with his Wire Haired Pointing Griffons and jumping tarpon on the flats.
Jonh Hazel

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