Katherine Hart

 Katherine Hart to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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Katherine Hart in B.C.
Katherine Hart got her fishing start at an early age at her family home just outside Portland, Oregon where they had a small lake with bass and bluegill for her to practice on.
The family would take their summer trips to Central Oregon, where she found her métier in the rivers and lakes of that lovely region. Her passion eventually took her to Alaska, where she met Tim Rajeff. Katherine and Tim traveled to the Kola Peninsula of Russia in 1990 where they started the Ponoi River Lodge. Both of them along with a great team they put together organized, built, and managed the Fly Fishing Lodge on the Ponoi River in Russia for 5 years.
Katherine has been teaching with Tim Rajeff and the Rajeff Fly fishing School since the start of the school. She was the third women in the nation to have qualified as a Masters¹ Level Certified Fly Fishing Instructor by the Federation of Fly Fishers.
Besides fishing, teaching, and bird watching she spends her time working at Rajeff Sports. Tim and Katherine started Rajeff Sports in 2001, they have their own line of Echo Rods and are distributors for various other Fly Fishing products.
Katherine Hart in B.C.
Katherine Hart

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