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Ian Gordon to perform at the Sandy River Spey Clave

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Ian Gordon to fly fish around the world for Hardy

Highly respected and well regarded Spey caster Ian Gordon has joined Hardy and Greys as a consultant.
Ian’s expertise in salmon fishing will further strengthen the Northumberland company’s fly-fishing team and he will be representing Hardy and Greys at shows around the world in 2008.
Ian hails from the river Spey in Scotland, having fished since the age of eight and worked as a Ghillie on the Knockando beat (Spey) for 19 years. He is a qualified STANIC salmon instructor, specialising in the Spey cast, along with teaching basic casting with a double handed rod.
His interest in casting mechanics led him to rod and line design and Hardy and Greys are keen for him to assist with their product research and development too. He will be focusing on double handed rods, lines and reels for salmon and sea trout markets.

Ian said he was very much looking forward to the challenge of working with the designers at Hardy and Greys.
‘As one of the most famous and well established names in fly-fishing, Hardy and Greys is a company with traditional values, as well as a modern forward- thinking approach to business in the 21st century,’ he added.
‘My knowledge of what the customer requires is based on a lifetime’s work at the sharp end of the market and this, combined with the experience of a team dedicated to producing the best products in fly-fishing will, I am sure, be of a great value to the future success of the company.’
John Wolstenholm, Marketing Manager (Game) for Hardy and Greys, said: ‘We are delighted to have Ian joining our team. His experience and knowledge will be a huge asset to us.’

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