Al Buhr

Al Buhr, noted author and instructor to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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Al Buhr kisses fish,but is otherwise quite normal...
Al bombing out a tight loop...

Al Buhr has been an avid steelhead fisherman since his youth and was introduced to Spey casting by the late Jim Green in 1982.  Al has since been on the leading edge of rod and line development for many years with Sage in developing two-handed rods and with Scientific Angler in designing several Spey fly lines.  In 2004, Al chaired a committee of line and rod manufacturers that established a manufacturing line-weight designation standard ratified by the Association of Fishing Tackle Manufacturers of America.

Al wrote this book: Two-Handed Fly Casting
Al is also a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers' Casting Board of Governors' and is chairman of the Two-Handed Casting Instructor program.  He is a FFF-certified Master Casting Instructor and Two-Handed Casting Instructor.  Al has given workshops on fly casting and steelhead fly fishing throughout the United States and at many Federation of Fly Fishers' Conclaves.

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