Bruce Berry

Bruce Berry to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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Bruce Berry

Bruce Berry started tying flies when he was thirteen, and tied commercially through High School and College for Pacific Fly Works, Kaufmann's and The Fly Fisher's Place. He followed in the footsteps of every other die-hard fisherman: at twelve, wrecking lines in the street after school, at thirteen he wanted to catch a fish, which turned into wanting to catch a bigger fish, a fish in the Wind River range, a fish in the salt, a fish on a swung fly, a fish on a skater and so on! Now he spends most of his time on the water either stalking trout or swinging steelhead flies. Between trips he ties flies and talks to friends and family about the fish he catches. He likes Montana Fly Company's style and is happy to be their company representative. His love of Spey casting has also led him to rep for one of the fastest growing, and up and coming Spey and Switch rod companies: Beulah. Bruce works hard, and is constantly taking his casting knowledge to the next level. He is also one of the most patient and talkative guys you might find in our sport.

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