Hannah Chloe Belford

Hannah Chloe Belford to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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Hannah grew up in the backwoods of Northern B.C. When she was just three years old, her family moved into the wilderness where they homesteaded and developed the Damdochax River Lodge, which is now recognised as a world class destination for Steelhead. Growing up as she did, perhaps it's no wonder that she landed her first Steelhead aged five. She has guided Steelhead and Rainbow on her home waters for nearly two decades, and in that time has tailed thousands of Steelhead. As well as running a wilderness lodge and series of river camps full-time, Hannah also created, manages and maintains a website for women anglers, Flyfishergirl.com, which offers advice and shares angling adventures with novice and more seasoned fly fishers alike.
Hannah's passion for Steelheading has changed from single handed to double handed fly-fishing and her mastery has rightly placed her in the upper echelons of the sport. She has fished for Steelhead all over the world from Argentine Patagonia and the mighty Santa Cruz (with the only known strain of Atlantic Steelhead), through Oregon's blue ribbon rivers to the most famous watersheds of British Columbia.
Her accomplishments with a rod led her to be recruited by Rise Fishing for whom she designs some of the world's finest Spey rods. In her "spare time" Hannah actively fishes many of the Pacific Northwest's most pristine rivers and guides on a select few in Northern B.C.
“In the last few years I have found myself reverting back to old school angling by ditching my sink tips, swinging traditional Spey and Dee flies, and trying to master the single Spey and reach casts. Fishing for me is my therapy. Numbers don’t mean anything to me, and I would much rather spend my day on a pretty piece of water with few fish rather than participate in overcrowding. Hypnotized by the river and nature, my worries disappear. Being able to spend my days in the outdoors, see amazingly beautiful wild creatures, and meet great people from all over the world makes for some of the best moments in my life”.

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