Patty Barnes

Patty Barnes to appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave

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Patty Barnes testing Maxima tippet...
Patty Barnes is co-owner of The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon
Patty is a native Oregonian, having grown up in the coastal town of Lincoln City where her father and brothers were all timber fallers. She spent a lot of time outdoors and developed her natural instincts as a hunter and fisher. Patty is pictured here above a couple of steelhead from the Deschutes River.  Patty landed her first fly caught steelhead in 1975. Since then she has caught many, many of them. She neither wades deep or casts far. Instead she seems to charm the fish to within range. Her eyesight in the outdoors is legendary. She will see more wild animals and rising fish than nearly anyone. Her fishing skills extend to trout and bass, and to both shallow and deep saltwater, where even a100-pound sailfish has been vanquished by her fly fishing skills.
Her skills also extend to business where she is equal partner and CFO of one of the world's most successful fly fishing enterprises, The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon.
Patty Barnes at Loreto, Mexico, June 2009
Patty Barnes with a Roosterfish caught fron the Sea of Cortez, June 2009.
Patty Barnes at Rocky Ridge Ranch, april 2009
Patty with a 30+ inch rainbow trout caught at Rocky Ridge Ranch, April 2009.

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