Sandy River Spey Clave Agenda 2008

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Featured Demonstrations:
Simon Gawesworth,  Ian Gordon,   Henrik Mortenson,  Steve Choate,  Scott Howell, George Cook,  Mike Kinney,  Josh Linn,  Marty Sheppard, Hawkeye Hawkins,
Brian Silvey,  Leroy Teeple,  Tom Larimer,  Ron Lauzon,   Andre Scholz
Scott O'Donnell,  Mike McCune, Way Yinn  and  Mark Bachmann !!!
Last up-dated 05/13/08
 There may be more changes.

May 17
During the day:

7:30- 9:00
Provided By: Santiam Spey Casters
Come early!  Everyone is welcome!

9:00 - 9:30am
Josh Linn & Marty Sheppard
"Spey Fishing Techniques For Local Waters"

9:30 -10:00am 
Ron Lauzon & Mark Bachmann
"Basic Cast To Spey Cast".

10:00 - 10:30

Simon Gawesworth
The History of  Spey Casting

10:30 -11:00am
George Cook  
"How to manage multi-part fly lines"

11:00 - 11:30am

Ian Gordon
Spey Casting Basics Reinforced

Lunch Served: 11:30am to when ever -

 Demo in the covered area - Leroy Teeple
"Spey Line Loops & Splices".

Henrik Mortenson
Scandinavian Spey Casting". 

Dr. Way Yin
Spey to Z

Andre Scholz,
From Germany, R.L. Winston Pro

Scott Howell
 Origins & Executions of Skagit Casting

Brian Silvey  & Hawkeye Hawkins
"Which rod, when & where."

Leroy Teeple

6:00pm - 
"G. Loomis Hosted Barbeque"
Everyone welcome!

4:00pm - dark
Try out tackle on the water.
There will be lots of tackle provided for you to try 
and lots of help for you to improve your casting.

May 18
During the day:

Steve Choate
, & Mariusz Wroblewski
The Current Three Popular Casting Styles

Short Head Casting & Fishing
Mike Kinney

Scott O'Donnell & Mike McCune
"Skagit Singles and Snake Rolls"

11:00 - 11:30am
Ian Gordon
Spey Casting

Tom Larimer
"The Refined Shooting Head."

Lunch Served: Noon to when ever


1:00pm - 1:30pm

George Cook
"Northwest Original Spey Casts".

Tim Rajeff
Spey Casting". 

Simon Gawesworth
The History of  Spey Casting

2:30pm -4:00pm 
Try out tackle on the water or -
Tear down - go home.


Agenda will likely change
between now and the Clave dates.

If you are a big stick spey casting mojo you will be welcomed at the Sandy River Clave...
You will be even more welcomed if you are also a humble teacher.
At this Clave beginners are as welcome as experts.

We all learn from each other.
Here the two-hander is a common bond...
to be shared.

Everyone is welcome!

  The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR

1 (800) 266-3971  

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