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Some Things That Happened at The 2001 Sandy River Spey Clave.

A perfect beach on a perfect day.
Some of the estimated 100 people that showed up on Saturday , May 5 at the Spey Clave.
Lastcast Steve demonstrates the spiral roll cast.
There were many very good casters who willingly shared their skills with everyone.

Thanks Bob & Laura.
Bob Larsell & Laura Coblentz parked there trailer in a handy place and had coffee handy for everyone.

Thanks Chuck.
Chuck Gilbert from Redington was one of the factory reps that added to the event.

What was the Sandy River Spey Clave? On Saturday May 5, it was a gathering of around 100 anglers interested in two-hand fly rod casting & fishing.  This event is still going on at Oxbow Park on the Sandy River through May 8, (although on a much smaller scale).  Information flowed freely through the warm friendly group and everyone who attended learned some new tricks.  All of the latest spey casting techniques were explored in depth.  The weather was perfect.  The river was at perfect level.  Oxbow Park proved to be the perfect place.  In other words it was perfect.  The Sandy River spey Clave was so well received that a similar event is being planned for next year.  We will keep you posted. 
 Tackle Companies the sent representatives & tackle to try (Thank You):  
 C.F. Burkhiemer, Lamiglas, Redington, R.L.Winston
 Some thoughts from the Spey Page. 
 More information.

  The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR

1 (800) 266-3971

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