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Sandy River Spey Clave 2002  (last up-dated: 04/26/02)
May 18 - 19, 2002     At: Oxbow Park      On: The Sandy River   How to get there.
What is the Sandy River Spey Clave?
  It's a gathering of anglers interested in two-hand fly rod fishing.
 It is a place to exchange information and fish together.

  This year there will be (7) fly tackle rep groups 
to put on a show specifically for the spey casting fraternity.

In attendance will be:
Chuck Gilbert (Redington) 
Jon Covich (Winston) 
Brian O'Keefe (Scott) 
Derrick Fergus (Airflow) 
J.J. Pillgreen (Flylogic)
Paul Johnson (Sage) 
Randy Sholes (Cortland, Hardy)

Try out the latest and greatest spey tackle.
Randy Sholes of Cortland Line Company and Hardy of England 
are bringing European hot shot
Andy Murray from England specifically for this show.

Don't Miss These On-the-water Demonstrations:
May 18-19 there will be (6) 1-hour casting/fishing programs each day 9am- 
Andy Murray
Simon Gawsworth
Steve Choate
Dec Hogan
Mark Bachmann
Brian Silvey

Special Spey Line Splicing Program by: Leroy Teeple

The plan is to provide a week-end that will entertain and inform you.
Of course Bob Larsell and Laura Coblentz will be back with 
their famous hospitality trailer.

If you are interested in meeting other steelhead spey fishers and hope to learn a lot about spey casting and more about steelhead fishing, the Sandy River Spey Clave is for you.  The  event  will start at Oxbow Park on  Saturday morning  the  18th  of May  and  conclude  on Sunday  19th.  Exhibitors may set up on Friday May 17. 
Overnight  camping is available at Oxbow (see rules below).
This  time of  year there  should be plenty  of Summer  Steelhead.  It  is  also the peak of the  Spring Chinook  run. The  days are long and  the  weather is warm.   This event is hosted by The International Spey Page and Discussion Group.
If you are interested in spey rod casting and fishing, we would strongly recommend that you join this warm friendly group.   
  Spey Discussion Group

There is no charge except for the Oxbow Park entrance and camping fees.

Printable Map Of How To Get To Oxbow Park. 
Please note that park gates open at "6:30 AM every day" 
and close and "lock at legal sunset"
For Oxbow Park camping information, rules and regulations go to

More details will be posted here as they become known.  
Be sure to look in often.

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