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First light hook-up!   A light spey rod and a fresh steelhead, what a way to start the day.  Patty Barnes 09/22/99.

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Patty Barnes, co-owner of  The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches doin' it.  09/22/99

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Flightless male nocturnal stone flies.  Its a larger than average hatch this year on the lower Deschutes.  09/22/99

leah-9-14.jpg (16587 bytes)

Leah Wilson with her first steelhead ever.  She played it flawlessly and turned it loose right at the beach without getting her hands wet.  Girls are so clever. 09/14/99

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Rob Valentine with his second fish of the morning.  Catching steelhead? problem.  09/13/99

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Jim Jones landed his first steelhead on a fly and said he likes my office decor, 9/9/99.

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Meawhile son John Jones relaxes in the shade after landing a 10 pounder 9/8/99.

george-9-3-b.jpg (18447 bytes)

George Hale with a nice Deschutes native, one of nine fish landed in 3 days. 9/1-9/3.

lucas-8-28-b.jpg (15432 bytes)

Bob Lucas turns loose a 9 lb. Deschutes wild steelhead 08/28/99, his second in a half hour.

vern-8-25.jpg (22436 bytes)

Vern Ryles proves you can catch wild Deschutes steelhead in the bright sunlight with a floating line, 08/26/99.

mark-8-18-p1.jpg (14398 bytes)

Mark Delong with a 7 lb. native that took in the bright sunlight of early afternoon; proving that having the fly in the water can pay big dividends. 08/17/99
"Way to go", MB.

leon-8-17-b.jpg (22765 bytes)

Leon Isperoff with his first Deschutes Steelhead, a 7 lb. chromer wild fish that came to the beech twenty minutes into the first run of the trip.  08/17/99
"Thanks Leon, for getting the skunk off the boat so early.
May you fish long & prosper", MB.

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