Please take time to review the ARCHIVES and watch the river and fish change through the fall season.  
Meet an admirable cast of anglers awash in the magic of the Deschutes River Canyon.  
The names of the players are reel.  There are no innocent. 

John, Al & Mark nearing the boat ramp at Heritage Landing.   This the conclusion of my Deschutes guide season.
Thank you, everyone...see you next season. 
MB 11/03/99.

This nice Deschutes Redside ate a Glo Bug for John Hampton (4 wt. rod - lotsa fun) 11/03/99.

Al Stoloff plays a nice Deschutes steelhead that ate his Purple Leech & made a tremendous 50 yard run into the backing 11/01/99. 

John Hampton displays a dandy Deschutes Redside that clobbered a Purple Bunny Leech presented with a sink tip line 11/01/99.

Book your Deschutes Float Trip for next year.

Archive-1 (10/25/99 - 10/29/99) Please check it out.
(10/04/99 - 10/22/99) Lots of steelhead photos.
(08/17/99 - 10/04/99) More bright steelhead photos.

Pictures by Mark Bachmann

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