Recent Pictures of Our Waters

Jerry Ashland releases his second wild Deschutes steelhead of the day. 10/27/99

So, it's raining. Who cares.  We are in a nice warm propane heated tent complete with river sounds plus the evening steak and a fine wine. 10/26/99

Mid-day brought a blanket Baetis May fly hatch and the Redsides went nuts. 10/26/99

Bob Howell comments above the purr of his Abel T/R that these late fall Redsides are really strong.  10/25/99

Bob displays this Redside that whacked his Parachute Adams after the hatch was over. 10/25/99

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Archive-2 (10/04/99 - 10/22/99) Please check it out.
(08/17/99 - 10/04/99) Lots of bright steelhead photos.

Pictures by Mark Bachmann

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