Recent Pictures of Our Waters
Last up-dated 06/13/00

"Games don't always get better when they get easier.  Hard games make us stronger
....especially when we're laughing about it!" 

Salmon Fly Madness is epidemic on the 
Deschutes every year at this time. 06/12/00

Doug Wysham with a Redside on a nymph
before the morning sun hits the water.

Don Wysham with a Redside on a big dry
as a mid-morning gale rains salmon flies 
on the water.

We fish the wind shadows and score 
all day long.

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Up-date on Wee Burn Creek Restoration Project 04/11.

Where there once was naked sterile streambed now there are waving water plants and all of the critters that depend on them.
Wee Burn Creek

Wee Burn  Creek flows across Resort At The Mountain Golf Course.  For years it was dewatered and canalized.  Through careful planning and much hard work by local residents, Wee Burn Creek is on the mend and supports an increasingly healthy population of  wild Coho Salmon.  Click here for more good news!

Pictures by Mark Bachmann

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