Fly Fishing Pictures of Our Waters

Fly Fishing Pictures of our waters.  We all have our fish stories.   
Some of us document them.   Last up-dated 11/09/05.

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"Games don't always get better when they get easier.  Hard games make us stronger
....especially when we're laughing about it!"

Bob Byles lands this steelhead on his second cast with a Fly Du Jour.  11/01/05

Bob scores again, this time with a red tube fly fished deep.  11/03/05

Steve in the screen tent.  10/19/05

Hans with a nice native.   10/13/05

Paul Volcker & John Kingery with Paul's first Deschutes steelhead.  09/29/05

John Kingery plays a steelhead as a train goes by. 09/27/05

Patty Barnes teases this eleven pounder into grabbing a Fly Du Jour.   09/16/05

Don Clay lands this steelhead in the middle of the day with a Purple Wooly Bugger.   09/12/05

Graham DeLong got his first steelhead ever, this evening.  09/12/05

Mark Bachmann displays a nice wild steely that ate a Purple Peril.   09/07/05

Patty gets another on her favorite Fly du Jour. 09/06/05

This fish was landed tenty feet from the cook tent. 09/05/05

Dr. Bill Evans hoists a twelve pounder after a long battle.  09/03/05

Dr. Art Zbinden puts the wood to a hard fighting steely.  09/02/05.

Herb Luhman caught this steely with a bamboo
rod he built himself.  08/20/05

Laura Hampton with her second steelhead
of the evening.  08/15/05

Don Clay's second in an hour 09/12/05.
Great sport-fish will make you earn them. 
But, that just makes them more precious when you connect.  
Steelhead are more precious than diamonds.  
And so are good fishing partners.
Thanks, MB

Pictures provide by Mark Bachmann.
They are of his closest friends and best clients.

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