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Recent Pictures of Our Waters
We all have our fish stories.   Some of us document them.   Last up-dated

"Games don't always get better when they get easier.  Hard games make us stronger
....especially when we're laughing about it!" 
(All pictures are mouse-over)

A nice summer steelhead "keeper".
Some unidentified masked man seen fishing with Patty Barnes 04/24/02
There are still some wild winter steelhead left in the Clackamas.
Mike Senatra with a wild Clackamas River Steelhead 04/12/02
Patty caught this summer steelhead in a hard rain as the river was rising and going out of shape.
Patty Barnes & Dick Bushnell.  Patty caught this summer steelhead at first light 03/19/03.
The perfect end to a cold winter day.
Lisa Hansen with a winter steelhead that jumped about 10 times 03/15/02.
It was a strong fight.
Pete Gadd holds a 37" wild buck steelhead 
landed by Rusty Moen 02/25/02.

Mark Bachmann holds terry Turner's wild hen.
Terry Turner landed the first steelhead during the 02/08/02,  "8-Hour Steelhead School". 
This wild hen is 31" with very large girth.
Fat fish.
Dale Richards waited until the last stop of the day to bag this 35" wild chromer.  This fish got into the backing and into the air multiple times  02/08/02.
Great sport-fish will make you earn them. 
But, that just makes them more precious when
you connect.  
are more precious than diamonds.  
And so are good fishing partners.
Thanks, MB

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