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Recent Pictures of Our Waters
We all have our fish stories.   Some of us document them.   Last up-dated

"Games don't always get better when they get easier.  Hard games make us stronger
....especially when we're laughing about it!" 
(All pictures are mouse-over)

Water temperature 38.5 degrees.
Scott Mitchell with a 26" hatchery Buck that 
ate a tube fly 01/29/02.
This is large for a female steelhead.
John Case with a 37" wild winter female steelhead from somewhere in Washington.
Mike scores again 01/24/02.
Mike Girard with his second winter steelhead, 
31" wild buck, 01/24/02.
Very rare Sandy River Bull Trout, 01/23/02.
Randy Hageman with a very rare 
Sandy River Bull Trout, 01/23/02
Wild Sandy River Steelhead, 01/24/02.
01/24/02 - Wild steelhead are often 
very beautiful. 
Mark Bachmann 01/16/02.
...just another tasty  
Sandy River "Early Return Big Creek Stock"...
Treg Owings 01/18/02.
Treg Owings got a passing grade from this keeper during our 8-hour on the water steelhead  school.
Salmon bones
...future fossil...nutrients in the sand...
the reward...for a job well done...

Jessica 01/16/02.
...the quest is begun...the challenge is taken
...find silver in paradise...
Great sport-fish will make you earn them. 
But, that just makes them more precious when
you connect.  
are more precious than diamonds.  
And so are good fishing partners.
Thanks, MB

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