Recent Pictures of Our Waters
We all have our fish stories.   Some of us document them.  Last up-dated 11/17/00

"Games don't always get better when they get easier.  Hard games make us stronger
....especially when we're laughing about it!" 

A flock if Egretts take flight as we approach. 
Here we are as the sun goes down in the Everglades in Southern Florida.  The targets are Snook and Jacks with minnow imitations and surface poppers.  The party begins after dark.  
There is magic in the air.  11/07

Bob Marvin with Mark's largest Snook.
Our guide is very experienced in these matters.  His name is Bob Marvin and he has been fishing here for 50 years.   He says there are only three things you have to know about Snook "...nocturnal...nocturnal...nocturnal".    11/07  

Jack Crevalles.
Suddenly there is an explosion along the mangroves as a hundred jacks devour an entire school of bait fish.

One of the unlucky Jack Crevalles.
You can't miss.  Just throw your fly into the churning water and wait for the grab.  Jacks pull hard and wear out slow.

 "There are no bad places where wild game fish live".  

Snooks like lighted docks.
This is one, of many Snooks that hammered a fast moving  popping bug on the surface after midnight. 11/08

This tarpon jumped repeatedly.
Tarpon like this 8 pound baby inhabit many of the black water creeks and fight like summer steelhead.   11/08

Lady fish are trout size, but jump more.
The breakers outside of Naples, Florida are currently hosting the annual migration of Lady   Fish.  We managed to exercise several dozen with 6 weight gear.  11/09

Hey, it's fun to travel.  The new world of high tech communication allowed us to up load from the other end of the country as things were happening.  Florida is a blast.  The fishery was exciting and our guide was a joy.

We caught lots of fish and shot lots of video. 

Snooks are fun.  The grin says it all.
  There are several sub species of Snook that inhabit the waters here.  This is a silver Snook that Patty caught on a Glass Minnow.  11/10

Silver Snook?  Black Snook?  The book calls them Common Snook.
These two fish were caught on successive casts and weight 4-5 pounds.  They grab hard and fight hard.  The other Snooks on this page are Black Snook.

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