Rock Creek Reservoir location in Oregon.

Rock Creek 

Wasco County  White River Basin

Fly Selection

Jerry and Sarah Ashland battle a large rainbow trout in Rock Creek Reservoir.

This fat rainbow ate a Bead Head Leech.

This nice bass ate a Tig Diver.

Rock Creek Reservoir is one of the first of Northern Oregon's lakes to turn on in early spring.  Its comparatively low elevation and location in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains gives it a moderate climate.  The most prolific fishery is for stocker rainbows, but some very large brood trout are added and their seems to be some wild trout too.  Bass and blue gills add to the excitement.
Fishing is done with both floating and sinking lines.  There are hatches of all of the usual lake dwelling critters.  The ant falls and Callibaetis May Fly hatches can provide some great surface fishing.  Fishing small nymphs and soft hackles subsurface can be very productive. Wooly Buggers and Leeches in black, olive or maroon drug along the bottom catch both bass and trout.
This is an ideal lake for both float tubes and small pontoon boats.  
All parts of the lake can be productive.  Creek inlets and edge water can pay off early in the season.


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Best: April - July but also fishes well in the fall

Man-made Lake: Irrigation Reservoir, extreme draw-down in late summer

Elevation: 2200'

Area: 88 acres max.

Depth: 34' max.

Fish species: stocked rainbows average 9" to 12", brood trout to 15 lb., self perpetuating  rainbow, blue gill & large mouth bass. Some very large trout & bass are available.

Regulations: general/bait allowed - no motors allowed

Hatches: Rock Creek Reservoir is noted for prolific hatches Midges & Callibaetis may flies. This lake gets some terrestrial falls of ants and termites. Leech patterns & wooly buggers are also productive.  Popper fishing for bass is popular.
How to get there from our store: In summer - Hwy 26 east to Hwy 35 to Forest Service road 48 - all pavement.
Approximate distance: 35 mi.

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