Laurance Lake

Laurance Lake in Hood River County, Oregon

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Laurance is potentially the best fly fishing lake in the Mount Hood region because angling regulations don't allow the killing of wild fish. Wild Bull Trout, wild rainbows and wild cutthroats inhabit this reservoir and provide an interesting mix in fishing. Average fish are less than 15", but occasionally fish of over 20" may be encountered. The best part of this lake for fly fishing is often around the mouths of tributary streams although near the dam can also be very productive. If this lake has a downside, it is that the Columbia Gorge wind can blow very strongly here.
Laurence Lake is noted for its prolific hatches of Callibaetis mayflies. Hexeginia mayflies also occurs mid summer as well as terrestrial insect falls.

How to get there from our store: Hwy 26 (E) - Hwy 35 (N) - Rd 3510 (W) - Rd 2840 (W)
Approximate Distance from The Fly Fishing Shop:

28 miles


Best: May - November

Irrigation reservoir: fluctual water level

Elevation: 2980'

Area: 127 acres max.

Depth: 105' max.

Fish species: stocked rainbows average 9" to 12", wild Bull Trout sanctuary

Regulations: flies & lures only - no motors


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