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The Tui Chub
The most abundant fish species in Central Oregon is the Tui Chub. They are found in most large lakes, reservoirs, and streams. The Deschutes and Little Deschutes Rivers, 
Odell, Crescent, Davis, East, Paulina, Lava, Little Lava, and Cultus lakes have large populations of Tui Chubs.  So do Crane Prairie and Wickiup reservoirs.

The Tui Chub is native to the Klamath and Sacramento River systems. It also occurs  in a number of isolated interior basins of California, Oregon and Nevada.  The Tui Chub is not native to the Deschutes basin.  It is likely they were introduced to the Deschutes basin from the Klamath basin, probably by anglers using them as live bait for large trout.

Tui chubs gather in large schools to broadcast spawn in or near heavily vegetated lake shorelines in June and July. The fecundity of mature female Tui Chub can reach nearly 5,000 eggs. The eggs hatch in about 1 week. The young remain in the vegetated shallows until reaching sexual maturity at age 2-3. They have a life span of up to 9 years and reach maximum lengths of about 11 inches. Tui Chubs feed on amphipods, Diptera larva, gastropods and cladocerans. For the most part, their food preferences mirror those of trout, especially rainbow. Tui chubs are prey for piscivorous rainbow, brown trout, and largemouth bass. Fish-eating birds, mink and otter also utilize them.  

In some parts of their range, such as Diamond Lake, this species can become overpopulated to the detriment of game fish populations. There is virtually no angler harvest of Tui Chubs. Large trout and bass eat Tui Chubs. Tui Chub populations seem to be kept in check is waters where the trout are allowed to grow large enough to eat them.  In Davis Lake few Tui Chubs that we have observed will exceed 4 inches. It would be interesting to see what might happen if the angling harvest of trout was also zero. There might be more trout that would grow large enough to eat 4 inch long fish.  In Diamond Lake angling harvest prevents most trout from growing large enough to eat 4 inch long Tui Chubs.  

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