Chickahominy Reservoir

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Chickahominy Reservoir located in Central Oregon
Mark Bachmann displays a Chickahominy Rainbow that fell for a black leech.
Chickahominy is a factory for raising fat Rainbow Trout.
Frank Borges shows off for the camera as Mark Stensland rows past.  Having a boat and float tubes gives you lots of options. Chickahominy Reservoir in Oregon.
Rainbows can be very bright and fat in early spring.
Patty Barnes with a first light Chickahominy Rainbow. Some days you could get down right lonesome out here.


Chickahominy Reservoir is located on Hwy 20 between Bend and Burns, Oregon.  It was built as an irrigation reservoir, but is now managed by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife as a recreational fishery.   

The lake sits in the wide open and is exposed to harsh wind.  As a matter of fact the wind blows nearly everyday from 
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  When you fish this lake it is best to be moving before daylight and fish the calm of the morning.  Plan on doing something besides fishing for the middle of the day and then fish again in the evening.  There are exceptions.  But it seems rare.

Chickahominy has a very strong food chain.  Leeches seem to predominate in the early season diet, but Water Boatmen and Chironomids are also very important.  Chironomid hatches frequently come off in the very early morning.

All manner of floating devices work well on this lake.  There is enough surface acres that a boat is handy.  Float tubes and pontoon boats fish well in this lake until the wind comes up.  Hiking and wading is also very productive.

Chickahominy Reservoir bathymetric map.

Best: April - July, but also fishes well in the fall

Irrigation Reservoir: fairly stable water level

Elevation: 4280'

Area: 491 acres max.

Depth: 28' max.

Fish species: hatchery Rainbow Trout

- general - limit 5 fish 
- motors allowed 
- speed limit controlled 
- open year round

Chickahominy Reservoir  has the full compliment of insect hatches that you will find in most desert lakes.  Chironomids, Calibaetis May Flies, Damsel flies and dragon flies abound.  Leeches, Water Boatmen and Scuds are also prominent.

How to get there from The Fly Fishing Shop:
Take Hwy 26 to Bend, OR
at Bend turn east on Hwy 20.
Chickahominy is about 70 miles east of Bend.

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Chickahominy  photos by Mark Bachmann & Patty Barnes - all rights reserved.


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