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Have you ever wondered what the sport of fly fishing will be like in the future....the far, far distant in the Third Millennium? It is impossible to know, but inspirational to contemplate.
If the sport of fly fishing survives for another thousand years, it will be because our species was smart enough to be good stewards of our fisheries in the present.
If our sport fisheries remain healthy, there will be fly fishing shops one thousand years into the future. And as now, they will have travel divisions.

By this time man will have developed space travel, maybe even time travel. Instead of one water-planet to explore, there may be millions of choices…and hundreds of millions of exotic species to fish for!

And shops like The One that still exists in Welches, OR in 3001 A. D. would offer travel only to the best destinations, for the most sporting species.

Destinations like the planet Mechanmow near the outer rim might be very popular with high-flying anglers in quest of the nuclearhydroturbine powered "BiterSore" – a beast with a weakness for the Heat Seeking Antenna-fly sold exclusively at this same shop.

But we’ll need some way to tell our clients about such out-of-this-world-class angling adventures. A travel poster, for, example. What will such a poster look like? We want to know!

And that’s why we’re sponsoring The Third Millennium - Fly Fishing Poster Contest. If you are artistically inclined, like to fly fish, would like to show off your skills to thousands of web visitors -- and want a chance to win some really beautiful prizes – we invite you to participate.

The contest rules:

  1. All entries must be sent via e-mail. There is no limit on the number of posters you can enter.
  2. The complete graphic file size must not exceed 265W x 395H pixel dimension image size. Only vertical layout is accepted.
  3. The complete graphic file size may not exceed 50K. (Even a thousand years from now people will want images that load fast.) Graphics may be JPG, GIF or Animated GIF or mixtures of all three as long as display file size does not exceed 50K.
  4. Be sure that your entries will play across the web in the most standard media and machinery.
  5. Each contestant will provide a written description of the destination that the poster displays.
  6. Also describe the specie or species of fish the traveling angler will expect to find there. File

    size is limited to 150 words. Also, please send 50 words describing yourself. (These files do

    not count against the 50K Contest Entry file.)

  7. All entries must be received prior December 25, 2000.

As we travel through the universe, it’s possible that we will never encounter fly rod quarries better than the ones that exist on our home planet. However, there are some anglers that continually seek the exotic. Your entry can explore home waters, or take the viewer to the wildest fantasy fly fishing world. We do ask that quarry fish live in a liquid environment and have fins…and that tackle and flies adhere to accepted fly fishing configurations. Materials used for the construction of tackle and flies are limited only to your imagination.

Fly fishing is an uplifting, educational experience filled with adventure. Fly fishing in The Third Millennium will be polished by another thousand years of refinement. The rules of good taste and good conduct should be the basis of each entry. Winners will display this quality, with no exceptions -- no matter how good the art.

The Fine Print

The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon, USA will own all copyrights and publication rights to the winning contest entrees. Non-winners will retain all of their copy and publication rights.

The top three winning entries will be put on display January 1, 2001.

These three winning posters will be displayed with a written description of the fly fishing destination and a profile of the target specie and the winning artist. Winning posters will be displayed as long as The Fly Fishing Shop and are in business.

The Third Millennium - Fly Fishing Poster Art Contest is planned to be an annual event.

Prizes will be shipped by February 15, 2001.

The Prizes:

Grand Prize - (value $280+) Sage 590DS fly rod/reel Outfit. 

Second Prize - (value $150+) Ross Cimarron  fly reel & Cortland fly line.

Third Prize - (value $100+) Tioga fly reel & Cortland fly line.

Please E-Mail your submissions to this address:

All Winners - may display the following logo.

WINNER! Second Annual 3rd Millennium Poster Art Contest!

  The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR

1 (800) 266-3971

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