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Best Deschutes fly fishing guide

Mark Bachmann
Oregon Fly Fishing Outfitter/Guide 
and Fly Fishing Instructor since 1981
"Wild steelhead and wild steelhead rivers are my passion.  I have been catching steelhead with flies since 1963.  There is no substitute for experience.  Nothing teaches more about fishing than catching fish.  My goal as a fly fishing guide and instructor is to impart my experience so that you can be successful ."
Here is my story:

Mark Bachmann grew up fishing for Kamloops & Bull Trout in the 
 Lake Pend'Oreille
drainage in Northern Idaho.  In 1955 he caught his first trout with a fly at the age of 11 from Grouse Creek.  This fish was a 15" native cutthroat.  Grouse Creek crossed the familie's cattle ranch.  At times it was home to migrating Kamloops and Bull Trout which fed on Kokenee salmon and grew to huge sizes.  This private water was the class room for Mark's formative years.  Largest Kamloops landed 27 3/4 lbs.  Largest Bull Trout landed 22 lbs.

Mark Bachmann with winter steelhead caught with a bamboo rod, winter 1967.

Having grown up catching large trout from rivers, it was natural that when Mark moved to Oregon in 1963, he would fall in love with steelhead and salmon.  In 1963 he landed his first steelhead from Oregon's North Umpqua River.  In 1965 he caught his first winter steelhead with a fly from the Sandy River. He became one of the steelhead fly fishing pioneers on this river, having fished it for 43 years . His best fly rod season on the Sandy was the winter of 1969-70 when he landed 64

This late winter native fell for Mark's Orange Steelheader Bucktail, 1974.

steelhead, the largest 42".  In the years between 1965 and 1980 steelhead were caught with both fly fishing equipment, drift gear and pulling plug from a boat.  Every approach was grist for the mill.  Hundreds of steelhead were landed during this period.  Mark was the store manager at Larry's Sport Center's Gresham, Oregon store from 1974 - 1979.   This position put him in contact with hundreds of other steelhead fishermen. In 1981 mark decided he liked fly fishing best and quit using other types of gear.  The same year he started The Fly Fishing Shop with partners Patty Barnes, Houston Fuller and Mark Stensland.  Mark and Patty now own the shop to themselves.
The Sandy River is Mark's home water where he fishes 35-40 winter days a year.  He spends even more time guiding and fishing summer steelhead on the Deschutes River.  Mark started fishing the Deschutes River for steelhead in 1967.  He became a fly fishing guide there in 1981.  Floating camp-out trips were his specialty.  Both single and two-handed fly rods are employed with both floating and sinking tip fly lines.  All methods are employed including waking, damp, wet and deep sunk flies. Now he used a jet boat and works out of a stationary camp.

Best Deschutes steelhead guide

Best guide/client/fish year was 1986 with 195 steelhead landed by 83 clients. 
Best guide day 09/26/86 = 18 steelhead landed for 2 clients.  

Sandy River Steelhead Guide Mark Bachmann

Holds current Oregon State Marine Board  Outfitter/Guide License since 1981.  Has up-to-date American Red Cross First Aid and CPR card, BLM Permit.  Is fully insured.  
Mark has a full stock of specialized guide boats, camping and instructional fly fishing equipment to make your experience with him productive, comfortable and safe.
In addition to producing The Fly Fishing Shop's internationally acclaimed web site Mark is a respected writer of fly fishing articles for Trout, Fly Fishing and Fly Fisherman magazines.

"We acquired a new, much larger facility for our present store location in 2001.  Since then our business has grown steadily and we may own what is the dominant fly fishing web site, world wide. The rewards from this business allow my wife Patty and I to visit some of the best fly fishing locations in both North and Central America. We have spent over 100-days fishing in Belize, and nearly as many days exploring both the east and west coastlines of Mexico. Fly fishing continues to provide an avenue to explore and Mark Teaches Steelhead schools on the Sandy River

Best Steelhead Guide Mark Bachmann  experiment with the natural world that surrounds us. You can never know too much. At an age when many guys are enjoying retirement, I feel I am finally hitting my stride and am continuing to read, to practice and study every day.  Like every other dedicated fly fisher, I am still learning too.  The best part is I'm learning to take better pictures of fresh caught, live game fish because I'm around where a lot are being caught.  I hope I get to take a picture of one or several of yours. 

Mark Bachmann in 2008

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